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Detailed, varied, unique to you ~ Readings include Psychometry, offering insight and further awareness of your current, residual, and evolving self. Can include reading photos, objects, reading the face & body and whatever presents as being priority for your self-alignment at the time. Medium readings include Life After Life Communication (Mediumship) connecting with people and animals who have passed from the physical.

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Life After Life Communication (LALC)

The ability to receive awareness of and relay information regarding individual people or animals who have passed from the physical.

Rock Balancing


This is the ability to divine information about your body/face, photographs, beings, or objects by seeing and touching them or tuning in to them from a distance.

Reiki Treatment

Therapeutic Touch (TT) 

Co-developed and taught by Dolores Krieger, RN, PhD and colleague Dora Kunz in the early 1970s. Therapeutic Touch gently encourages total body relaxation, alleviation of stress, pain reduction, and inspires a feeling of overall clarity and calm. TT invites a feeling of renewed vitality and balance within the body and for all the energy fields of the body: mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional. It is both hands on safe touch through the clothing and in the energy fields (aura) that surround the body. TT is excellent for supporting your immune system function, alleviating discomfort and agitation, and for pre and post surgery care. A simple technique that feels very nurturing. I certified in Therapeutic Touch in 1999.

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Sessions encourage an individual’s natural ability to care for themselves. To support emotional awareness and connection, I may include work with the breath such as deep breathing, or gentle guided imagery to invite self exploration and relaxation. I completed my Counseling Certification in 2001 at the University of Manitoba.

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Healing Touch (HT)

Gentle and restorative techniques for overall balance and relaxation. Compassionate hands on and above body energy therapy that nurtures, relaxes, and gently works in harmony to support your body’s innate tendency to heal. Founded by Holistic Registered Nurse Janet Mentgen in 1989, today Healing Touch is taught and practiced internationally.


Potential benefits of Healing Touch: pain/anxiety reduction, alleviation of stress, chemotherapy support, hospice support, immune system strengthening, trauma/chronic pain reduction, enhancement of post surgical recovery. Receiving HT invites overall balance for physical emotional mental and spiritual self healing. It is very relaxing and calming.

Chakra Check
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Chakra Check 

The major chakras or 'spinning vortexes of energy' are acknowledged as being connected with specific aspects of your body and Auric field, also called the Aura. Through the application of energetic healing modalities such as TT or HT and without invasive manipulation, the chakras and associated field are encouraged to become balanced. This natural balancing invites an experience of overall calm relaxation and a feeling of enhanced well being. 

At the start of your holistic energy session, I hold my pendulum above each of your main chakras and I observe how the pendulum reacts. I explain what I observe both before & after your treatment. As you relax and receive your energy treatment, you can choose to be reclined on a warmed massage table or seated comfortably in a chair. 

The 7 Major Chakras 

Root . Sacral . Solar Plexis . Heart . Throat . Third Eye . Crown

The chakras, also known as energy centers, have 3 Main Functions:

*To vitalize the energy field, and thereby the physical body.

*To develop the physical mental emotional and spiritual aspects of who you are as an individual.

*To act as an energy filter and process point for the physical body ~ they help you to better handle the details and experiences of daily life.

Head Massage

Chakra Balancing (HT)

A gentle & effective method for connecting and balancing the energy system of your body. I start by using my pendulum to check the way your chakras are spinning. I then gently place my hands on your feet/ankles, knees, hips, arms, shoulders and on or above each of the major chakra areas along the center line of your body. I include the spleen and high heart chakras and the 'transpersonal point.' I conclude this treatment by sweeping my hands above your body head to toe for additional clearing. I again check your major chakra spins with my pendulum, and share my findings. A very calming and relaxing modality. Unlike the picture shown above, you as recipient remain clothed and will be offered a blanket to support your relaxation.


Akashic Records Reading 

The Akashic Records contain information about the journey of your unique Soul. You decide on questions you would like to ask which relate to your life circumstances, regarding topics about which you would hope to gain insight.


After opening your Akashic Records, I channel information in response to your questions; I will tell you what answers I receive from the Masters Teachers and Loved Ones who work with the Record Keepers for your Soul. This reading provides an opportunity for attunement with your current life path, and with your Soul's intentions. An insightful and comforting reading for Soul alignment. Your Records may only be accessed with your consent, and are opened and closed in your presence.

The Akashic Records (AR) is the past, present and future knowledge of all things. It is the recording of the Soul’s journey since inception, as well as the possibilities of its unfolding in the future. The Akashic Records is referred to in many ancient spiritual teachings. It is known in the Bible as “The Book of Life”.

An Akashic Records consultation consists of opening up the Records of your Soul, with your permission, and allowing the information from this profound and sacred spiritual level to come forward. You may find that the perceptions insights and guidance you receive from this experience are useful in resolving current life challenges. It will bring your attention and energy into the present moment, thus allowing you to focus your understanding toward exploring or discovering your current life purpose. This session is designed to assist you in gaining clarity for your personal and spiritual growth, for your highest good.

Your Akashic Records are accessed with a simple sacred prayer. I open myself to the information available from your Records and allow myself to receive and say that which comes directly to me. Because the information in your Records is so vast, it will be essential that you make a list of questions. Take time to reflect on areas of your life in which you desire more clarity. We will work with your questions. Your openness determines to a large extent what happens during the session.


Know that the information will be delivered with love and honor. All information given and received in this session is presented in order to assist you and will be kept confidential by me. You may choose to share this experience with others. You may notice the effects of this session immediately, months later, or both. Being in the energy of your Records, in itself, will bring comfort, whether it is conscious or not. Thank you for the honor of serving you in this manner.


To get the best out of your consultation please review and consider these guidelines. I will explain any further details just prior to your reading.


  • Think about what your hope or intention is for your reading. Do your best to remain open to receive the information being offered and channeled specifically for you.

  • Make a list of questions concerning the areas of your life that you are interested in receiving information about. I have included some examples of questions below.

  • Feel free to use the examples as guidelines in developing your own list of questions, so that the consultation can best serve you.

  • It is best to allow yourself some quiet time after the session to reflect and process the information.

  • You are welcome to record the information for later review, or you may want to bring pen and paper. If you have questions about the Akashic Records reading ahead of time, please ask.


Sample of possible questions:


  •  What is my greatest challenge/fear at this time? What is at the root of it?

  •  What are my resources to resolve it? What lesson am I to learn from this?

  •  What talents did I incarnate with that I need to use now to further my growth?

  •  Relationships? How can I look within to gain personal insight and better know myself?

  •  What resource(s) can I utilize to assist me with parenting? In my marriage? Etc.

  •  What is the underlying issue between myself and…? (parent, boss, spouse, etc.)

  •  What do I need to know about this? How do I bring this into resolution?

  •  What message do my spiritual assistants (Guides, Angels, Masters, etc.) want me to know at this time? How can I best honour this?


Or also, questions about:

Current life challenges or circumstances, interaction with friends and family, significant others, repeating patterns, behaviours or dreams, influences from past lives, spiritual growth or current path, life purpose and direction.

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Group Reading Parties

Held at your home or office. Individual private readings for your group of friends, with readings in a separate room, and readings within a group with all present together. Your choice of a Psychic, Psychic Medium or Akashic Records reading. Scroll up or select an option below to view a detailed description. 

Psychic and Medium Readings

Life After Life Communication (LALC)


The Akashic Records (AR)


The readings and holistic treatments provided by myself, Sid Wittmann, are not intended to be used as a substitution for or in place of recommendation from one’s medical doctor and/or health care provider, or as an alternative to following a regimen of doctor prescribed medication and treatment. For crisis support please contact Klinic in Winnipeg at for support resources, or call the Klinic 24/7 crisis line: 204 786-8686.

My services are not intended to be adhered to as a substitute for or equivalent to any medical, legal, psychological or financial advice. I am not a registered Massage Therapist. Please mention any allergies or health concerns prior to your treatment.


When reading or otherwise in session, I am utilizing Clairsentience - sensing & feeling, Clairvoyance - seeing, Clairaudience - hearing, and Claircognizance - knowing without prior information. I attempt to intuit and offer as much clear information as possible. To my knowledge, no psychic reader or medium can ever claim to provide 100% accuracy regarding the information they channel and/or intuit.

All treatment techniques and materials used within the time of your appointment are meant to be non-invasive. All sessions are kept confidential by me. You can share your experience with whomever you choose.

*When your session time has concluded, if you have additional questions or requests, a $1/minute charge is applied when we go over our scheduled appointment time - thanks for your consideration. Summer hours can vary. I check messages daily between 9 a.m. & 4 p.m. and once in the evening before 7 p.m. as I can. 

You indicate your understanding and acceptance of the above with your decision to contact me. Questions welcome. Thank you and I look forward to meeting with you.

Sid Wittmann

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