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Welcome to Sid's Blog

Do You Have a Self Care Focus?

You Can Choose One Today!

Minimal Obligation Free Trial!

Hello everyone out there in interested Blog reader world.

I am an aspiring Blog writer…a Blog writing newbie!

How exciting is that?!

I decided to share my recently devised list of blog topics with my husband. As he read my twelve potential titles I asked him “So what do you think?” He said “Why don’t you write about a personal mission statement!”

Choosing to focus on that supportive suggestion, rather than the fact that my husband’s idea was not on my carefully thought out list, I decided to take this new concept #13 into consideration.

With #13 in mind, and while revisiting my initial ideas, topic #5 ‘Beginning and Releasing Your Day’ began to stand out. What does self care look like for most people, I wondered?

How many of us, in our potentially busy, tech based, list directed, work focused, family centered, finance driven, and multi-task oriented often preoccupied lives Whew! Deep breath! take time for just a few moments of self care in a given day?

While doing our best to meet the requirements of our daily schedule, how often do we also make time to be a little SELFish? SELFish in this explanation simply means to focus within while taking a few moments alone to…just be and attune, somewhat ironically maybe, with something seemingly outside ourselves. I have found that choosing to check in with myself for just a few minutes a day has been life changing.

This brings me to my own personal mission statement aka my minimal obligation free self care, and it is about how I begin and release each day.

I have a daily practice that is my SELF-ish self care. It has and is helping me to improve my outlook, my appreciation of life, my temperament, and my ability to recognize the importance of gratitude. I hope that in sharing it with you, you will be encouraged to make time for your own daily just be moments.

I like simple doable and easy. Here is my chosen daily routine:

Upon waking I drink a mid sized glass of water. Out loud or silently, I recite prayers that are relatable for me and that I am comfortable with. Prayers of your choice can be anything you resonate with (insert your personal positive perception of faith here). I have been using prayers that I feel connect me with Spirit, for example the Gayatri Mantra. I list 5-10 or more things that I am grateful for and I give thanks for those things.

Just ahead of sleep each night, I express sincere gratitude for however many things come to mind. I give thanks for the many Blessings in my day, and for the specifics that I am grateful for that were included in my day. Out loud or silently, I recite prayers that are relatable for me and that I am comfortable with. The last words I say aloud before sleep each night are simply ~ thank you.

Combined a.m. & p.m. time for this routine is 5 minutes or less. It allows me a focus on self care and, most importantly for me, encourages me to actually do self care. The amount of time spent is up to you.

Again, this simple daily choice is providing me with a more balanced and positive temperament and outlook, especially when feeling challenged or stressed...and I am benefiting from feeling that calm continue throughout my day. It has and is changing my perception of and interaction with the world. My intent is to continue experiencing this

SELF-ishness every day.

Do you include a personal mission statement or self care moment in your day that nurtures and aligns you with the positive? Why not choose to start your own free self care focus trial today…and tonight?

What if including that focus changed your interaction

with yourself, and the world, for the better…

How exciting could that be?!

Sending Good Vibes

Sid ; )

*The Gayatri Mantra is a Sanscrit prayer accessed to bring in the Light.


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Future blog post...

"The rocks that we carry can become pebbles, and then

we can release them freely - as sand." Tuesday Wittmann

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