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Healing Touch  

Therapeutic Touch  

Chakra Check & Balancing

Personalized sessions, Clearings

 Tibetan healing bowls

Confidential & Inclusive Support

Achieve Self Care

Relax  Reduce Stress

Increase Your Self Awareness

Address Issues, Gain Clarity

Booking an Appointment

Please note: Bookings with me are only possible when you contact me directly.

Through my site here, by emailing, texting or calling me, or by messaging me on Facebook Messenger. I have no other online booking areas that allow you to make an appointment. Thank you. 

In this section you will find my rates, and frequently asked questions.

For a detailed description of my services, please visit the Services page.

To learn more about me, you can read my story here.

Please read the Disclaimer before you contact me to book your appointment.

When reading or otherwise in session, I use the following abilities to channel

and interpret Spirit guided information that is varied and unique to you.


Sensing and feeling


Seeing images, pictures, scenarios, etc. in my mind's eye.


Hearing messages


Knowing things without having been given prior information.

* I do my best to offer a scent sensitive space. Thank you for not wearing

   strongly scented personal body products such as perfume and cologne.

   I do use sage for cleansing. If that is an issue for you, please let me know.

Who can access my services?

If you are younger than 18 years of age, I ask that you be accompanied by your parent or other trusted adult.  Readings take place in person at my home office in Winnipeg, or with pre-payment, online via Skype, Facebook Messenger and by phone.


How can I book a session?

If you would like to make an appointment, call/text or email with your contact # and the best time/date to reach you. If you are outside of Winnipeg, please include your personal phone number or, if outside North America, your email & the best time/date to reach you. I check messages between 9 a.m. & 4 p.m. daily and once in the evening before 7 p.m. as I can, currently CDT.

What if I need to reschedule?

I do my best to be flexible with appointment times.

I encourage you to not plan anything too stress related for just after your session. It is good to have time afterwards to process and 'just be'. Rescheduling is not a problem, but I appreciate your consideration in giving me adequate advance notice.


When your session time has concluded, if you have additional questions or requests, a $1/minute charge is applied when we go over our scheduled appointment time -

thanks for your consideration.

Event and travel to you pricing can differ from home office pricing.

Prices may be subject to change.


Home Office Appointments ~ Sessions in person and by video or phone are ongoing. Thanks

Choose a one or a two hour session.

*1/2 hour sessions can be arranged, $45 per person per 1/2 hour.

*Half hour in person appointments can be booked for

minimum 2 people, back to back appointments unless otherwise arranged.

One hour session

Choose a reading a/or other services

$85 per person per one hour

2 Hour Combined Modality Session

Most Requested Service, Special Reduced Rate

$135 per person for a pre-booked 2 hour session

Includes your choice of any of the services I offer, and a pendulum directed assessment

of your major chakras when you choose an energy treatment.

ONLINE and by Phone

$45 per person, for a 30 minute session

$85 per person, per hour

$135 per person for a pre-booked 2 hour session

Group Reading Parties

$45 per person, individual 30 minute private readings.

$25 group fee applied for reading individuals within a group, with all present together.

Reasonable pre deposit requested for all groups.

Reasonable travel fee per group within Winnipeg. 

Fair out of town travel fee calculated for outside of Winnipeg.

Day or early evening appointments.

Methods of Payment

Cash E-transfer and PayPal are accepted.

Thank you ~ All phone and online services require pre-payment before the start of the session.

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About Me

Education & Training

20+ years as a Psychic Reader and Holistic Practitioner

Akashic Records training, levels 1-3 Brandon, MB

University of Manitoba, Counseling certification

University of Winnipeg, BA

Riverview Health Centre, Winnipeg, Therapeutic Touch certification

Healing Touch, Winnipeg, MB

My Story

As a psychic reader, and as a holistic practitioner, it has been my privilege to provide healing therapies for over 25 years. I began my private home based practice in 2012 while living in Osborne Village. In 2013 we moved my home office to where it is now, in the South Osborne region of Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada. 

As early as age seven, I saw sensed and 'knew' things that others around me did not seem to have awareness of. Some of the things I saw and felt scared me, and so I decided early on that I did not want to see these unusual things anymore. I began to suppress my perceptions, and not talk about them. This was also because I did not fully understand them. I would often wonder 'Who am I to know this? How can I be right?'


For many years, I did not acknowledge expression of my abilities, unless I was asked to - like when a person would request that I 'tune in to read their body' while they received energy therapy, when I was asked to read a photograph, when my inner voice urged me to approach a stranger and offer guidance, or when my intuition would strongly encourage that I do something for myself that seemed really unusual. After years of suppressing my abilities, some very heart centered events in my life guided and directed me forward - to utilize my intuitive gifts as well as my holistic healing skills to support others in a healing capacity.  I entered into practice after experiencing a very clear Spiritual Call.


Born and raised in Winnipeg, I completed my counseling certification in 2001 at the University of Manitoba. I have foundational experience as a crisis, mobile, peer, group, and primarily, as a one-to-one counselor. I am a current member of the PTTN ~ The Prairie Therapeutic Touch Network.

I am also proud to be active with the Healing Touch community in Winnipeg. I believe in always offering my best, and so I take courses, study, read, and do research whenever possible.​ I am humbled and grateful to walk with you on your chosen path of growth self discovery and further healing. I love my work and I feel grateful to be serving in my chosen field.



"Opening my Akashic Records is like going to a yoga class. It puts me all back together.

  I come out feeling more centered and more grounded...lighter."

Susan (Winnipeg, Canada)

"I saw Sid for a reading. it was my first time doing this (having a reading)

  and I did not know what to expect, but it was exactly what I needed."

Ryan ( Winnipeg, Canada)

"I had an Akashic Records reading and it confirmed so much for me - things make more sense now.

  The bowls and the TT are such a support to help me destress. Sid is awesome. : )”

M.P. (Winnipeg, Canada)

"I was so amazed that the pain I was feeling went away! Sid is personable, professional, and kind.

  I loved my session and had a great nap after!

S.C. (Winnipeg, Canada)

My reading brought me a lot of comfort.

  The Healing Touch was so calming, and I left Sid's feeling much lighter.”

 J.M. (Winnipeg, Canada)

"The first experience that I had with Sid was at a trade show where Sid was offering twenty-minute readings. During the reading, Sid provided insightful details about my daughter, who had passed twenty-five years earlier. She also could sense the presence of my dog, who would have passed many years earlier and was able to describe how the dog had one ear that always stood straight up while the other ear always flopped down.


Since that day, I have been honored to meet with Sid once a month. A portion of our time is spent connecting with spirit and the remaining portion is spent doing energy work, using one or several of the modalities that Sid offers, depending on what feels right in doing at that time.


Sid’s kind and compassionate counselling helped me through a marriage separation and divorce. Sid is an incredible listener and offers advice with grace and humor. It’s an utterly fulfilling experience to spend time with Sid, and I always leave our sessions renewed and invigorated."  


Heather W. (Winnipeg, MB)

"I met Sid at the perfect time in my life. I was drawn to the Akashic Records and Chakra Balance. It is an honour to know someone that is so experienced in healing, and specifically in Akashic readings. I have had many healing experiences, but I felt something majorly shifted after my session with Sid. I have had a lot of emotional pain and physical pain. I have enduring effects from a surgery and Sid counseled me and helped me to resolve those effects by talking to my body. After experiencing a Chakra balancing I started to feel more relaxed and I felt much less pain. I was having anxiety and panic that was making every day tasks very difficult, but now I feel at ease most of the time. My Akashic Records reading was fascinating and helpful. It helped me recognize my strengths, skills, and some of my blind spots. Having the recording really helps too, as it was a lot of information all at once, and very surprising how much it all resonates with me. I am really grateful to have met Sid!"

Bethany (Winnipeg, Canada)

"I have gone to see Sid for various healing treatments -- chakra balancing, healing touch, massage, and psychic readings. I have found her to be very skilled at every treatment she offers and would recommend her to others -- which I have often done." 

Anna (Winnipeg, Canada)

"From the moment I met Sid, I felt a sense of deep trust and familiarity. She has a calming energy and is a beautiful soul to be around. Listening to her guide us in meditations has been such a gift. Her words have given me so much more than a vivid imagination. I leave with a giddy feeling of happiness afterwards that carries on for days.

Her healings are gentle and soothing & I feel safe & unconditionally loved by her energy and presence.

I am honored to be a part of the healing group we are in together. She makes it that much more special. Thank you so much, Sid."

Mandee George, "The Energy Curator" (Winnipeg, Canada)






Contact me to book your appointment, or if you have a question related to what a reading or service entails. Please include your phone number & best time to reach you.

Please read the disclaimer. 

View Disclaimer

By booking an appointment you understand and agree to the terms.

Tel (Canada): 204-396-0851

Visit me on Facebook: sid wittmann (green leaves)

South Osborne

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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