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the column to be less than the size of the text and remove the left/right padding. Something like


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Nov 4, 2019 font psl kittithada bold Feb 15, 2019. . A: Looks like your large text is overflowing the column width... Try setting the size for the column to be less than the size of the text and remove the left/right padding. Something like this: =LEFT(TRIM(Mid(SUBSTITUTE(CELL("address",A1)," ","",1,LEN(CELL("address",A1))),9,5))," ") For the previous example, I have used =LEFT(TRIM(Mid(SUBSTITUTE(CELL("address",A1)," ","",1,LEN(CELL("address",A1))),9,5))," ") to set the column width to just 50px. If I try to use =TRIM(Mid(SUBSTITUTE(CELL("address",A1)," ","",1,LEN(CELL("address",A1))),9,5)) to set the column width, the cell expands to the full content of the cell. Initiating and maintaining adherence to oral hypoglycemic medication in the hospital setting: an ethnographic study. Appropriate and effective administration of hypoglycemic agents must be closely linked to patient adherence. Although oral hypoglycemic agents (OHAs) are efficacious for sustaining glycemic control, nonadherent patients are likely to benefit from improvement of their management during the hospital stay. This descriptive study identified the patient, provider, and drug factors contributing to OHA adherence in a large, public, urban hospital. Through the use of an ethnographic study design, data on adherence to oral hypoglycemic agents were collected for patients in a public, urban, acute care hospital. In-depth, semistructured interviews of 15 patients, 6 nurses, and 3 physicians were conducted by an anthropologist. In addition, 3 focus groups, involving 12 staff members in the unit, provided additional insight into the experiences of patients with diabetes in the hospital. Patients stated that their diabetes disease process, both physical and mental, interfered with their ability to maintain adherence to OHAs. The impact of treatment on the patient's sense of self was the single most important factor deterring adherence. Most patients reported that providers did not ask them about their medication use; they reported that providers assumed that


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